I am a registered Voice Movement Therapy practitioner based in Boston, MA. I trained with VMT founder Paul Newham, and with Anne Brownell and Christine Isherwood in London, UK from 1999 – 2001. I qualified as a professional member of the International Association of Voice Movement Therapy in 2011.

I work with individuals and groups, primarily in the Boston area. I work in-person and now, since the pandemic, also on Zoom. I also work as a voice teacher as part of the music education program at Tunefoolery, a non-profit for musicians in mental health recovery.

What is Voicework? What is Voice Movement Therapy?

My style of Voicework is based on and grounded in VMT, an expressive arts discipline that focuses on the unique capacity of the voice to act as a vehicle for self-expression and self-expansion. Through work grounded in the body and breath clients develop an embodied, flexible, and dexterous vocal instrument, and forge a deeper connection to the words and sounds they sing and speak. I use guided imagery, voice and movement exercises, and aspects of other expressive therapies, such as dance and movement, art, drama, narrative, and play therapy. I sometimes describe VMT as “unorthodox singing lessons” yet with similar – and often deeper and richer – results. It is amazing work – creatively, artistically, and therapeutically – and it burst my voice wide open, changing me as a singer and as a human being. I’ve seen it do the same for others.

Who is Voicework for?

Voicework is for anyone who feels some sort of energy around the word “voice” – from those who always wanted to sing but were made to feel like they couldn’t, to experienced or professional singers who feel emotionally disconnected from their material or like they’ve lost something of the spontaneity or joy of singing, to those who’ve experienced a vocal injury, to those who feel unheard and voiceless in their lives, to those looking to explore the voice as an instrument and a vehicle for expression, communication, and healing. It offers space, time, and support to explore, play, and confront your voice and whatever issues – both joyful and painful – you may have around being heard. The work can be powerful, gentle, intense, and freeing, and my clients never fail to amaze me with their intuition, bravery, wisdom and, in groups, presence for and support of each other.

I myself am an artist/practitioner and a forever student, and lover, of voice.